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The Happy Camper Philosophy

See what makes our office unique


Our Philosophy

We take pride in what we do

Our goal is to start children on the right path in regards to their oral health. We strive to keep visits positive so children do not learn to fear dentistry or dentists. Just as many people look back on their childhood memories of camping with their families or going off to summer camp, we want to create positive childhood experiences in dentistry so children actually look forward to going to the dentist. Many children attend summer camp and learn important life skills such as independence, decision making, bravery, and healthy habits, and we want children to learn these same skills at Happy Camper PD. We pride ourselves on being local, our involvement in the community, and supporting our area. It is important in health care to develop a relationship and trust between patient and provider. At our office children will develop that relationship because they know who they will be seeing, and all of our staff are a part of the community which we serve.

Our Approach

Preventive Care &
Personalized Treatment

At Happy Camper Pediatric Dentistry, we believe that prevention is key to maintaining optimal oral health. We work closely with parents to develop a customized treatment plan that meets the individual needs of each child. Our team is committed to educating parents and children on the importance of good oral hygiene practices and making every visit to our office a fun and educational experience.​We understand that visiting the dentist can be a stressful experience for some children, which is why we take a gentle and compassionate approach to dental care. Our goal is to make every child feel comfortable and at ease during their visit to our office.


Our Office

Child-friendly ambiance

Our office was designed specifically with children in mind. Visiting the dentist can be a scary experience for children, so we made our office different. Instead of a waiting room, we have a recreation room where kids can play and be themselves. Rooms are designed to keep things that can appear scary to children out of their sight. Televisions on the ceilings play your child's choice of movies or television shows to keep them entertained. We frequently have hands-on, educational activities related to nature that children can participate in during their visit. Our office is bright and open, helping to put your child at ease. Our patients often have so much fun they don't want to leave!


"We have some very Happy Campers! They were sooo excited to see Dr. Chris again at his new practice. The team is super awesome and very welcoming. As a mom of 4, there’s no better feeling than knowing that your kids are a priority and well taken care of. Happy Campers = Happy Parents!!! Thank you Happy Camper Pediatric Dentistry for the great care 🏕️ 100% recommend!!"

- Cindy T.

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